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  • Rainier Veneer Company is a softwood veneer plant, built in 1992  on a beautiful 60 acre location 20 miles south of the city of Tacoma, Washington, surrounded with a picturesque view of Mt. Rainier. It is one of the largest softwood veneer manufacturing companies throughout the west coast. With our superior technology in veneer manufacturing, we saw a need in 2008 for a quality wood fiber product, and the Rainier Fiber line was built. We utilize the veneer byproduct (green chips) to produce wood fiber. Rainier Fiber is a top quality, premium wood mulch primarily used for hydro-seeding and erosion control.

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  • As part of Rainier Veneer Inc., Rainier Fiber International is an export company handles all exporting businesses. Currently we export to New Zealand, Korea, Australia and China. 

Hydraulic Wood Fiber mulch manufacturer

As our client, enjoy peace of mind that comes with knowing the Rainier Veneer stands ready to produce only the highest quality product for golf courses, landscaping, construction or re-vegetation needs. Rainier Veneer stands by only the highest quality in production and constant quality checks to ensure uniform texture and size.

When looking to purchase the absolute best in clean, high-grade wood fiber mulch that offers excellent coverage regardless of slope grade - from the flat rolling hills of a golf course to the steep angular slopes in new construction - both you and your clients, simply cannot do better than Rainier Fiber.

Our quality-controlled production ensures that we can provide exactly the type of wood fiber mulch your customers need, regardless of application.